About Us

Sengyap Furniture & Construction started as a small company with humble beginnings – in 1972, it began as a little carpenter house at Chai Chee. Despite the limited resources, Sengyap toiled tirelessly to fulfil the requests given to him by the clients of the company.

In 1985, the hard work finally paid off and Sengyap relocated to 42 Defu Lane where it remains to this very day. Today, Sengyap is considered one of Singapore’s premier Furniture & Construction company, continuing to provide its products to both organizations/companies and personal usage. Not only that, Sengyap does exhibition and booth set up in Singapore and in overseas. Clients from overseas would also engage our services and furniture for events, and would ship back the items once the events have ended.

Sengyap owes its success to its talented, hard working employees who are strong in both theory and practical ways. Who else but our employees can design such wonderful and appealing looking customized furniture tailored to the tastes of our various clients, and craft them to perfection in reality?

Over the course of more than 40 years, we have established ourselves in the industry as one of the top Furniture & Construction company. And for many more years to come, we hope to build this strong and long-term business relationship with all our clients and partners. This close-knitted relationship is how we are able to cater to our various customers’ requests so well, and we aim to keep this in mind while moving forward to greater success.

If you are looking for a fantastic unique furniture choices instead of the generic ones you see from other shops, Sengyap is able to provide them to you at affordable prices. So come on down and contact us for more information, we may be able to help create the customized furniture that you have been searching for!